To impact the lives of youth and their families through care and hope.


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Reality – How Things Stand

Youth is a time for fundamental decisions and the beginning of fulfilling our dreams. And yet, young people today face enormous challenges: the uncertainty of relationship in a digital era, diminishing opportunities for work, the growth of ‘political violence’, discrimination, degradation of the environment. All of this makes it difficult for them to find a road where they can build supportive personal and family relations based on solid universal values and financial foundations.

About Us

HUG Community Services Limited (HCSL) is a non-profit Social Service Agency (SSA) in Singapore that was established in 2014

HCSL is a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), and, a charity registered Organisation that brings healing, restoration, and support to at-risk youths and their families through individualised, client centric intervention and after care programmes with hope and care.

We serve our beneficiaries with love, care and benevolence.
We do our best to understand and share the feelings of another.
We believe in applying the quality of genuineness, respect and good faith.
We strive to treat everyone with honesty & uprightness.
We are focused on achieving our goals and task. We take responsibility for our words and actions to breed trust among individuals, teams and our partners.
We respect and honour everyone.
We exercise good judgement with wisdom and cautiousness.

Journey Outcomes

Positive Experiences + Positive Relationships + Positive Environments = Life Transfigured!

Our Mission

To help young people grow in pro-social values and become integrated, consicentious, and contributing members of society.

Our Team

Our Vision

To impact the lives of youths and their families through care and hope.

Our Services


Education (School Talks)

We express to youth the innate worth they and all others have and provides youths with the awareness that their actions have consequences. All our educational programs have the underlying intent of encouraging hope and opening opportunities for young people.


HUG's Youth Hub will be a place where adult supervision will be given to unspent energy, peer pressure to misbehave, or hostility. The Hub allow youths to connect with others in the community and such positive friendships may assist youth in later years.

Community Involvement

Involvement in community groups provide youth with an opportunity to interact in a safe social environment. HUG provides different opportunities for young people to volunteer in varied and diverse settings.

Home Visits

Our case managers may schedule visits to families who report beyond-parental-control youth. During these visits, case managers focus on the dynamics of the family ecosystem, the support relationships in the familial life, and, where necessary, the enrolment of the family in welfare programs with their Family Services Centre.

Parent-Child Interaction Training

The "Parent-Child Interaction Training" is designed to teach parenting skills to parents of youth who exhibit major behavioural problems. We believe that when the necessary supports and services are provided it is expected that positive outcomes will result.

Functional Family Therapy (“FFT”)

The Functional Family Therapy program helps adolescents on probation – and their families. A facilitator works with the family and helps individual family members see how they can positively motivate change in their home.

Life Transfiguration Experience

The Life Transfiguration Programme addresses the 6 life domains of work, education, relationships, community, health, and creativity within a ‘client-led, leader-facilitated’ framework within an environment where two key assets 1) Learning / Doing and 2) Attaching / Belonging are present.

Bullying Prevention Program

The Bullying Prevention Program is put into place in school settings. This program succeeds in creating a safer, less hostile environment for students at minimal cost.

Ending repeat Offenses

The Bullying Prevention Program is put into place in school settings. This program succeeds in creating a safer, less hostile environment for students at minimal cost.


Counselling is a journey into self-awareness. Contrary to popular depiction of counsellors, counselling is not top down. We allow and encourage our clients to decide how they wish to us their time and we facilitate the journey of reaching their destination.

Network of Legal Professionals

We partner with various advocates and solicitors for legal counsel and representation in court. These professional services may be offered pro-bono or at a reduced cost on a case-by-case basist.

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Jeff Mak

Founder & Chairman

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Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman

Lee Wee Teck Alan


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